Just been going through my old posts and I’m realizing it’s a miracle that anyone reads my blog at all. Seriously, I made a joke about Ned Block that only philosophy of mind profs who watched Ken Block’s gymkhana videos would get - and even then it’s pretty unlikely.

And then the rest of the time I’m just writing shit about tech, or feminism, or video games, and is there anyone out there who cares? I’m inclined to think no.

Fortunately, I’ve never really cared about whether people care. If I care, I will make it work. So now I’m at an impasse in my blogging career. I can continue to write about the many billions of things that I care about. It will help me learn more about my passions, and that’s good. That’s why I started writing stuff on the internet to begin with.

But option B is to turn my writing to more lucrative topics. Is to focus more deeply. Is to be derivative, even, if it helps, because getting followers and viewers and so on matters if you care about lucrativeness.

Kinda not sure I give a damn about that. But I am definitely open to suggestions. What would you like me to write about?